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By William Shakespeare


in general set in Milan, this comedy is the tale of 2 newly-arrived Veronese associates, Valentine and Proteus. either vie for the Duke's daughter's hand, with plenty of laughter resulting.

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Hence, candy Proteus, my direction-giver, allow us to into town shortly To style a few gents good skill’d in song. i've got a sonnet that might serve the flip to provide the onset to thy strong suggestion. DUKE approximately it, gents! PROTEUS We’ll wait upon your grace until eventually after supper, And later on make sure our lawsuits. DUKE Even now approximately it! i'll pardon you. Exeunt ACT IV SCENE I. The frontiers of Mantua. A wooded area. input convinced Outlaws First Outlaw Fellows, stand quickly; I see a passenger. moment Outlaw If there be ten, cut down no longer, yet down with ‘em. input VALENTINE and velocity 3rd Outlaw Stand, sir, and throw us that you've got approximately ye: If now not: we’ll make you take a seat and rifle you. velocity Sir, we're undone; those are the villains that each one the travelers do worry lots. VALENTINE My friends,-- First Outlaw That’s now not so, sir: we're your enemies. moment Outlaw Peace! we’ll listen him. 3rd Outlaw Ay, by way of my beard, do we, for he’s a formal guy. VALENTINE Then understand that i've got little wealth to lose: a guy i'm cross’d with adversity; My riches are those terrible habiliments, Of which when you should still right here disfurnish me, you are taking the sum and substance that i've got. moment Outlaw Whither shuttle you? VALENTINE To Verona. First Outlaw Whence got here you? VALENTINE From Milan. 3rd Outlaw have you ever lengthy sojourned there? VALENTINE a few 16 months, and longer may have stay’d, If crooked fortune had now not thwarted me. First Outlaw What, have been you banish’d thence? VALENTINE i used to be. moment Outlaw For what offence? VALENTINE For that which now torments me to rehearse: I kill’d a guy, whose demise I a lot repent; Bu t but I slew him manfully in struggle, with no fake vantage or base treachery. First Outlaw Why, ne’er repent it, if it have been performed so. yet have been you banish’d for therefore small a fault? VALENTINE i used to be, and held me completely happy of the sort of doom. moment Outlaw have you ever the tongues? VALENTINE My younger trip therein made me chuffed, in any other case I usually were depressing. 3rd Outlaw by means of the naked scalp of Robin Hood’s fats friar, This fellow have been a king for our wild faction! First Outlaw We’ll have him. Sirs, a observe. velocity grasp, be considered one of them; it’s an honourable form of thievery. VALENTINE Peace, villain! moment Outlaw let us know this: have you ever any factor to take to? VALENTINE not anything yet my fortune. 3rd Outlaw be aware of, then, that a few of us are gents, reminiscent of the fury of ungovern’d formative years Thrust from the corporate of lousy males: Myself was once from Verona banished For training to thieve away a girl, An inheritor, and close to allied unto the duke. moment Outlaw and that i from Mantua, for a gentleman, Who, in my temper, I stabb’d unto the guts. First Outlaw and that i for such like petty crimes as those, yet to the purpose--for we cite our faults, That they might carry excus’d our lawless lives; And in part, seeing you're beautified With goodly form and by means of your individual document A linguist and a guy of such perfection As we do in our caliber a lot want-- moment Outlaw certainly, since you are a banish’d guy, hence, above the remaining, we parley to you: Are you cheerful to be our normal?

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